Asset Portfolio Management

Developing And Overseeing Affordable Housing Investments

Good Housing Works asset portfolio management involves building and overseeing a selection of investments that will meet the long-term financial goals and risk tolerance of Good Housing Works, a nonprofit 501c3 organization.

Asset portfolio management requires the ability to weigh strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats across the full spectrum of our affordable housing investments. We use a range of quantitative and / or qualitative models to aid in our evaluations of potential real estate investments.

Our Asset Management team focuses on the long term stewardship of our properties. As Good Housing Works Owner’s representative, the team looks for physical, financial, and policy advocacy opportunities to positively impact the portfolio and the affordable housing communities in which we have a stake in.

Building Healthy Affordable Housing Communities

What Is The Impact You Want To Have?

At Good Housing Works, we are deeply rooted in the communities we serve, and are committed to investing time and resources to create opportunities for disadvantaged people who are under-served by traditional housing. Our participation in community investing helps people attain affordable housing in the SF Bay area.