Creating a Future with Affordable, Secure Homes

At Good Housing Works, we are not just a housing organization – we are a catalyst for community transformation. Our multi-dimensional approach encompasses four core services designed to address the housing challenge in the greater San Francisco Bay area, making it possible for every individual and family to have a place to call home.

Affordable Housing

We believe in the power of home – a place of security, belonging, and stability. Our affordable housing solutions come through direct program implementation or by working hand in hand with community stakeholders. We acquire funding in various forms – hard debt, soft debt, equity, grants and other subsidies – to bridge the funding gap in affordable housing. The benefits? Beyond creating a safe, affordable home for people, it’s about transforming lives and fueling economic growth.


Blighted areas can be brought back to life. We are committed to making this happen through our redevelopment initiatives. We focus on the replacement, rehabilitation, or repurposing of existing improvements, which often proves faster and easier than starting from scratch. Our redevelopment projects stimulate social, physical, environmental, and economic rejuvenation, benefiting both residents and the community as a whole.

Property Management

Good Housing Works takes pride in offering professional, proficient, and responsible property management. We handle everything from fair housing, rent policy implementation, tenant eligibility determination, to maintenance and upkeep. Navigating the complex world of affordable housing is our specialty. Rest assured, your property is in capable hands.

Asset Portfolio Management

Strategic, long-term stewardship of our properties lies at the heart of our asset portfolio management service. We diligently build and manage a selection of investments that align with our organizational financial goals and risk tolerance, using a variety of models to evaluate potential real estate investments. Our goal? To create and sustain healthy, affordable housing

The services we provide at Good Housing Works are all underscored by our commitment to quality, equity, and community partnership. We believe in the power of a safe, affordable home to provide stability, foster empowerment, and improve the quality of life. If you’re interested in partnering with us, learning more about our services, or getting involved in our work, we welcome you to reach out.

At Good Housing Works, we are not just about housing, we’re about changing lives, one home at a time.

Join our mission in creating an affordable future.