Property Management

Professionally Managed

Managing affordable rental housing not only involves standard property and tenancy management requirements, it also involves additional responsibilities including: setting rent, letting properties to eligible households and meeting the requirements of all the affordable housing programs in the SF Bay area.

Our management of affordable housing includes:

  • Fair housing proficiency
  • Establishing and implementing rent policy
  • Determining households eligibility for affordable housing properties
  • FInding eligibe tenants, managing applicantions and assessments and allocating properties
  • Managing eligible tenancies, including collecting rent and maintaining properties
  • Reviewing eligibility and managing a tenant’s exit if they are no longer eligible to stay in the property.

Being part of an affordable housing program, things can get complex, as the landlords we must comply with a complicated set of rules. With so much at stake, we feel it’s best that with our expertise and experience we manage our affordable housing properties ourselves.

Daily Operations, Maintenance, and Upkeep

Full Service Property Management

Affordable Housing Property Management At It’s Best. Our approach i simple. We provide professional, trustworthy property management services, from tenant screening to leasing, to maintenance. You can count on our local knowledge and expertise, supported by systems and processes developed over the past 10 years.